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Chinese books and more policies to promote "out" rate – the books, the publishing industry – Printing Industry

note New Packaging HC network print books editor since 2002, the State vigorously implement the "get out of China Project Book", Books of China "out" has been formed to promote government, business-led, market-oriented pattern of operation, especially the "Promoting Chinese Book" application the way in the physical export of Chinese books, the copyright trade, publishing cooperation, foreign direct investment and the publication "full bloom" the Chinese book of "going out" significantly accelerated. In 2007, the portfolio of China's export surplus has been achieved kind from the point of view, for "Enter a second level. Copyright input and output ratio of 15:1 in 2002, compared to the current 4:1, and the geographic expansion of production copyright, leaving the country and the amount of language on the rise. At present, data from China, "Going Global" strategy is deepening richer content, the most diverse in the world to understand China, the world read the play a positive role in China.

Company directed by: more aware of market players
"The 'will' work as an important part of business, successful business operations, this work may be effective. "Said Deputy Director of Administration of Press and Publication, Wu Shulin. He believes that active participation in publishing companies, operating accordance with market rules and give full play of market players and publishing company, published in "going out" strategy to achieve tangible results of the groundwork.

"China Book International Program" three years ago, directly funded projects, although only 990 types, but much greater than the planning unit of the active members of the group and the press, the publishing group to take various measures to expand output results Author, to accelerate implementation of the publication of "exit" strategy. "Promoting Chinese Book" working group member unit of the publishing industry China to play "out" an important role, and has achieved remarkable results.

2008, the Program for China Book external "Working Group unit of production to copyright abroad 1268 (excluding China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions), with more than 80 foreign publishers sponsored the signing of 345 Agreement in respect of 488 kinds of books to support the amount of more than 14 million yuan. China Publishing Group

topics very well organized, oriented books well-planned export, recommended in 2008 to 263 types of export-oriented books, over 141% growth in 2007, the number of "books Program overseas Chinese "work unit of the first group. Zhonghua Property Group" Yu Dan <Analects> experience "has been sold 20 countries and regions, a total of 18 languages in 23 versions, English only "Dan <Analects> experience" payment of royalties to 10 million pounds, "Wolf Totem", a record.

Shanghai Century Publishing Group focuses on the major books in the beginning with the consideration to "go out" and has achieved very good results. Such as "China's reform and the Investigation of the series 30 years" not only fulfilled in the national economic and social benefits, and cooperation with famous foreign publishers' sales channel in the Western mainstream.

Hunan publication Investment Holdings Group to expand international cooperation in the publication of depth, and the world's leading music publishers Schott, Germany (SCHOTT) the publishing, joint planning, joint investment. Development cooperation "world series of classical music data, the total contract amount of 55 million yuan, the first cooperation project "the world of the 50 classic Eulenburg Orchestra (Full Score + CD)" has all at once.

2008, the China International Publishing Group belongs to China Book Import and Export (Group) in kind the whole year reached $ 12 million U.S. export trade volume, 12%, exports of cultural products, the Ministry of Commerce awards funds 2 million yuan. China International Publishing Group published a new world under the command of dialogue, "Riverside? An atheist and Christian friendly dialogue", has sold the rights Copyright of the United States, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Japan and other countries. Yum Zhejiang Publishing Group libraries cooperation with the United States, "Bo Library Library Network Library "in the United States landed, in 2008 the commercial library book to almost $ 50 million. Renmin University China Press, 2008 exports of 250,000 books. Construction Industry of China Press, 2008, exports of over 1,000 million books, more than double in 2007 the "2008 Beijing Olympics Building Series" (Volume 10) English, French and an output of copyright, copyright in Russia, to promote Beijing Olympics and significant contemporary architecture in China. Guangdong Publishing Group, 2008, exports nearly one million books, income more than 1,500 yuan. Jiangxi Publishing Group in 2008, export breakthrough in kind, out of 1,467 kinds of books, 7808. Beijing Language University Press continues well in the copyright trade, while exports in 2008 to increase physical strength, physical export sales to 23 million Mayang, the use of sales agency network of 1.14 million real ocean, the export of cultural products by the Ministry of Commerce awarded 500,000 yuan. Education Editorial Popular "Zhu Yongxin Education Collection" (10 volumes) in 2008 by the Korean Language and Literature Society published in South Korea This is the scale reflects the latest achievements of China's modern educational theory of copyright first export. Shandong Publishing Group, 2008, Late in the field, have the countries of the United States, Britain, Russia, Italy, Spain and other exporters of "Modern History of Science and Technology China Series "," category Yang HY, "" Laugh Daily Cat "and other books original fine.

"China Book International Program" Three years ago, the Working Group unit of production, accounting for the copyright of the total domestic production of more than half of the rights Copyright. Participate in the "Book of External China" Program member units of the Working Group of the initial 20 to 29 now, there are still Publishing Group, publishers ask to join. This fully demonstrates Publishing Group, publishers of market awareness increased gradually, the Chinese edition of "going out" strategy deep.

Government to promote: a strong funding as a catalyst
If bigger and stronger, increase the international competitiveness of industry China's publishing companies actively publishing "Exit" the engine and push against the Government in China's book "Exit" and "catalyst."

By way of a government subsidy to promote their books, in some developed countries have had many years of history, developed countries have accumulated rich experience in the formation of a more mature operation mechanism. In recent years, the party and the state of attention, China introduced About the Author

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