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Seoul means that there are signs of improving relations between North and South Korea including plans for reunions of families divided by the Korean War and even talk of reviving a joint venture in tourism, however, prospects for reduction of military tensions and nuclear are not yet certain.

Some experts say North Korea is seeking reconciliation with the South after several months of deteriorating relations, while others believe that their proposals are just a facade, while still press ahead with the execution of programs nuclear policy changes in the country.

Korea finds its way into other foreign countries. A collaboration of experience and leadership among the different countries to make way for the Korea-US Journalists Exchange, which was launched by the East-West Center in 2005. It is co-sponsored by the Henry Luce Foundation and Korea Press Foundation, in order to increase public understanding of both countries and their relationship. This program offers great opportunities for six to eight journalists Korea to visit the United States and six to eight American journalists to visit Korea.

Korean participants were able to visit Washington DC and two other cities in the U.S., while American participants to visit Seoul and two other three cities in South Korea. From these visits, all Korean journalists and Americans meet in the East-West Center in Honolulu to inform and talk about their experiences and exchange views on how they will improve coverage between the two countries.

During 2010 Korea-US Journalists Exchange, the theme was "closing the gaps Understanding between Korea and the United States: The way out of recession with a focus on green technology. "It was scheduled for 17 March-1 ab 2010. It took seven journalists from Korea to the United States United States States and seven other journalists States to South Korea to meet and greet with government and business leaders, academic leaders, NGOs and other community members. The program has introduced reporters to the political security, economic, cultural, and social issues in each country. His program also includes seminars and journalism scholarships. The sponsors are funding the East-West Center and the Korea Press Foundation. The exchange among which was supported by a grant from the Foundation Henry Luce.

There is a lot of press in Korea in Canada. These include the Vancouver Korean Press, a newspaper published in Vancouver, British Columbia covering issues of race, culture and ethnic society.

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    NPCN representing journalists dedicated to elevating the standard of the fourth estate of the country and has contribution well informed to people. We work hard under the UNESCO principles.We extend our friendship relations.
    NPCN to fulfill the following aims
    -to exchange the ideals of journalism.
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