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Freedom of the press? – ON THE REFORM OF HEALTH?

According to the Connecticut Coalition for Universal Health, the United States is the only country industrialized than not having universal health coverage to its citizens. In 1993 Bill Clinton sought to install a system called several contributors to the health care system that would focus on the center of the health crisis in America: costs and coverage. Today, more than 40 million Americans lack health coverage and millions more with inadequate coverage of health insurance. However, the media, especially conservative stations like Fox called the plan rather than described. As a result, people were told it was "socialized medicine" and as a result of the surveys, the majority opposed. Lack critical coverage of business in a few ads were seldom or never aired because of the threat of a lawsuit by the company for "defamation." Is this freedom of the press? Or press controlled by the market?

the first answer shows why it does not. every American feels that he / it needs its own money for their own consumption. After all, people judge us based on what we have. if we give away our money to health care, thus I can not wear a pin that says that. then I will not be able to buy a new roof and my neighbor is going to have more status than me. Who cares if people die of things that could be treated if they could afford to see a doctor, I need another house. that's the American mentality. we are unwilling to make the sacrifice.

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