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united press company
I got a German computer company fix my computer. After the repair, my keyboard does not respond.?

My keyboard did not respond to States Keyboard command united .. as to press the shift key and the number 2, hoping to get the @ sign, or changing key and hit the number 4, with the hope to get the $ sign, etc. The technician told me to just go to Control Panel, go to "Regional and Language" Ocon and once in this, I can return to the standard Used. But anything that can get my keyboard back to "normal" functions, U.S. symbols. Does anyone know how to help me here? thanks

What he said is the correct way to solve the problem. Go to Regional and Language icon and make sure you are in "America" and the tab advanced, make sure it is in "English (U.S.)." and the Language tab, click details and make sure your default input language is U.S. (English). Hope this helps

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    A wonderful job. Super helpful infmoration.

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