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Is this the correct way to write a research paper? If not, could some one plz show me how to fix?

The author of Presidents of the United States of America, writes of the early years of former President Jimmy Carter and into politics, "Jimmy Carter aspired to make the competent and compassionate government, "respond to the American people and their expectations. His achievements were remarkable, but in an era of energy costs, rising inflation, and having intentions, it was impossible for his administration to meet these high expectations "(Freidel). Ibid. Freidel, Frank. Presidents of the United States America. Vol.1. Georgia: The Press Inc., 1994. Page 83. this is just an EX of a small part of my 6 pages of paper …

Today I am a college English class and this is what I learned. Find out exactly what your teacher wants. Does he (or she) wants to APA or MLA style documentation? Depending on the style he wants you may have to underline or Italicize book titles. How many referrals do you want? The base format that my teacher insist that they adhere to is: A. Thesis B. Introduction The first main point c. c. supporting evidence c. supporting evidence evidence supporting B. The second main point c. c. supporting evidence c. supporting evidence B. evidence C. Third main point c. supporting evidence c. evidence supporting D. supporting evidence restatement of thesis and conclusion This may work for his master. Ask. A good website is a Purdue University OWL (Online Writing Lab). No, I'm not going to Purdue. Their website is only as good and open to the public. I think the direction is www.english.owl.purdue.edu or some variant of that. Google.

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