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How to clone human beings to change the world?

Sat Nov 10, 4:23 pm by The Associated Press LONDON – The international community faces a stark choice: ban human cloning or prepare for the creation of cloned humans, UN researchers said Saturday. Previous attempts to reach a binding treaty worldwide, foundered off the divisions over whether to ban cloning or permit cloning of cells for research. The best solution may be to prohibit human cloning but allow countries to conduct strictly controlled therapeutic research, including stem investigating cells, according to the report of the Japan-based United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/071110/world/human_cloning

We would like a battle abortion ethics would look like nothing. Accept someone that has the clone clone? What can be done to a clone? I can do a clone of myself and raise and harvest organs out of it as I do? "I can try my clone as my slave? Are we going to give the same clones natural rights as human beings? If you make a clone and devoloped a horrible diease and died an early death as a platform for who's to blame? The fact that Science can do it make it right. We need to start having a debate on these issues before people start doing. There unkowns much about cloning.


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