United Press International History

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united press international history
OMG PLEASE HELP !!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE meee !!!!!!!! =[[[[[ U.S. History! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Was President of the United States during the Spanish-American War. I do not want to go to war, but gave the public pressure for war and joined war. Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt William McKinley Grover Cleveland ——————- What is foreign policy? Policies established to deal internal affairs. Policies established by the government to deal with the press. Policy for dealing with international affairs policy to expand the territory of States Together. ———————— The battleship exploded in Havana harbor. Spain was thought that the ship sank, but it remains a mystery why the ship exploded. The Massachusetts Rhode Island Maine ——————————- The The Kennedy What was the name given to the first Calvary U.S. volunteers who fought in the Spanish war Cuba? Men Hard Riders Rough Riders proudly for a cause

1. William McKinley 2. Policy for dealing with international affairs. 3. Maine, 4. Rough Riders


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