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In the wire and cable in the important role of Social Development

Preface to the beginning of 1978 by Editorial machinery industry for the first time published "Manual of wire" (first volume), the authors give for the first time in the international cable and cable produced a definition, namely, wire and cable is used for transmission of electricity, transmission of information and the achievement of electromagnetic energy conversion of a large class of products electric. Twenty years, this definition is widely recognized and cited national counterparts has also been a number of countries and the use of recognition peer. It outlines the wire and cable products to serve a wide area, but also profoundly revealed the important role of cable in society, the following describes these aspects.

One of them, in all economic activities and social life of the essential nature

In modern society, where people who live in a place where production, transportation and economic activities of all occasions, all in the space Land, Sea and all need to explore the development of all activities, and any development project to develop innovative science and technology activities are inseparable from the application of electricity and electromagnetic waves. The emergence of electric and electromagnetic waves, transmission, and applications must be approved by wire electrical cable as the connection, transmission parts, or as a large amount of material settlement. In fact, the entire production industrial, transportation, construction projects and facilities, modern agriculture and scientific research, military facilities or military equipment, space, ocean exploration, and social life (including each family and everyday life) are closely linked to the wire and cable products.

Therefore, in this industry have always been the cable to the power system as the blood vessels of the body that (the family and the Office of the power lines than a "hair"), the electromagnetic transmission of information with the wire and cable (cable) compared with nerves in the body, it became motor meter coil (coil) magnet wire in the heart as an important component. To illustrate the wire and cable in all economic activities and life social is not the lack of sex.

Second, in a timely manner to meet the diverse areas of updating the system or device, supporting the development of innovative

Mid-twentieth century, along with the mutation of science and technology, rapid developing innovative ways, the content of human economic activity has occurred from the bottom of the measure after another, the development went the whole year. Meanwhile, standards of living of the people and continuously improve the quality of life, contributed to the connected components as a package or upgrade the development of varieties of wire and cable, the numbers are increasing. If you can not complete the package of development time, which delayed the host or master device development, causing a impact. For example, multiplying the energy consumption needed to improve the level of transmission voltage level, the power transmission network of China improve the voltage of 220 kV to 500 kV, can be further improved to create high intelligence building, must have for hundreds, thousands Taipower Using the computer equipment used classification of cable network, to build public urban network cable television, the city or for all bank deposits and withdrawal, online financial transactions and exchange of information, we have high speed, low loss and high reliability of transmission use cable broadband (cable) network to ensure communication and transmission reliability of the information and privacy, the world among countries on all continents, across the Pacific, Atlantic and other oceans between the construction of a number up to several thousand nautical miles over cable lines, to achieve military or anti-aircraft artillery Remote Procedure Guidelines Group must be suitable for outdoor environment hard to control, signals as cable, satellite and cable wire high temperature and radiation resistant electronics space, and even its instruments, to be used micron diameter fine insulated wire, aircraft or occasion need to use the oven temperature 500, the measurement of 1000 Class of ultra-high temperature wires control, the medical use of X-ray machine, CT machine must have a DC ± 100kV, ± 200kV high voltage cable grade; pacemaker can be inserted blood vessels must be in wire very small but dedicated harmless the rapid development of modern industrialized agriculture, promoted the development several special cables, such as soil heating cables, wires self-regulation.

And if all necessary measures Occasions litmus test that should have all levels of flame retardants (retarder) or fire resistant cable and cable are all to prevent biological damage? As rodents, termites, mold, anti bird pecked the wire and cable, necessary safety precautions in public places, such as finance, hotel, safe area residential and museum and the like, must be equipped with automatic head screen and the concentration of Monitor, to install cable dedicated radio frequency, etc., too numerous to mention.

Thirdly, an important part in the national economy, large wide variety of products

Wire and cable has been widely used since the economic system used in the operation of facilities, equipment, transmission systems, especially large-scale and information exchange systems and services in all social activities and in-depth to each family and individual everyday life, so electric cables and cable products has reached across the state. And even with the content of socio-economic activities carried out from the depths to the amplitude of jumps intensified development with the people's living standard and quality of life is increasing, continues to push development varieties of wire and cable products and increase production. Therefore, in the mid-twentieth century, a futurist who predicted: Siglo XXI will be the line (cable) the world.

China's cable industry is the founding of New China in 1949, from scratch, quickly developed. So time, no matter the level of technical level and the equipment or technique has reached or is approaching the world advanced level. Specifically the use of the volume of copper (including aluminum conversion value) and the output to be, the size of the cable industry in China in the world within the first three. For example, in 2000 the value of total output of the cable industry in China has reached 90 billion yuan, representing about 1% of national GDP, about Electricity 4% of total production industrial, electrical industry, 17%. 135 at the sector level of mechanical and electrical industry output, and ranks second only to industry the car.

It should be noted that the demand for cable products and the growth of national economy and people's levels of life are closely related, and with an infrastructure project to introduce more direct conclusions that decades of statistical analysis.

1995, the Third National Industrial Census statistics on the number of wires and cables manufacturer for 4752 (including no-accounting units independent) in which small firms account for approximately 95.7% of the total. 1997

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