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please help me on this I really do not understand. (In United States history)?

(These questions are questions of American history so that their date back in 1800 and 1900) 1. what did Alexander Hamilton proposed commitment to the Southern leaders to win support for his economic plans? 2. What two provisions of the Constitution gives Congress the power to act as needed to meet changing conditions? 3. How the new land is divided in the ordinance of 1785? 4. have situations in which decisions of the Supreme Court limited the press? 5.describe two duties and two responsibilities of U.S. citizens. 6. Describe three ways in which the railroads changed America. 7.How did railroads help the farming a profitable business? 8. Where do new immigrants United States are usually set? 9. Why farmers in the grange movement to establish cooperative shops called? 10. What problems of cities rapid growth in the U.S. In the early 1900s in the face? 11.What was the yellow journalism? please help me on this, thanks (:

Yes I agree with the first response. If nothing else, can do some research of your own Google. If you have a specific concept that is not captured, trying to ask that one thing in place. But most of them seem to simple questions that you can manage with a little work.

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