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The dissemination of your press release using Twitter

When Barack Obama, elected President of the United States of America, published last Twitter on 5 November it had over 90,000 followers, come the New Year, although that number had grown to more than 150,000 – although the man did not release a word from the election day!

It seems that everyone is "twitter" – Even the most powerful man in the world.

NASA 10 Downing Street, BBC News, Steve Jobs of Apple and the company John Cleese is happy "tweeters" and then regularly. Among them alone have more than 40,000 fans Twitter – users each receive their regular jobs.

There are over 4 million users on Twitter with these 4 million people in shipping almost a quarter of a million messages between them every month.

For a service that began in the fall of 2006, this is really amazing growth, and is all the more surprising when one considers that a Twitter message can consist of no more than 140 characters.

Links to other sites are allowed, but taking into account the madness for Flash-dominated, with heavy Javascript, all firms, all dancing, Web sites, Twitter's growth is very surprising.

For its very limited and minimalist approach, the service was subject to a barrage of abuse when he first came to the attention of bloggers the world. A couple of years in line, and almost all the bloggers who initially criticized now have their own accounts and "tweet" like a happy canary.

Even established journalist The BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones declared his admiration for the application in May 2008:

"I was beginning to think Twitter – the micro-blogging service that is all the rage among the technorati – was just another fad for people who want to share much of his life rather boring. Until this morning.

"When I connected to my desktop Twitter application (sad, I know) that was alive with Tweets about the earthquake in China. Most of them were held technology blogger Robert Scoble, who is famous, perhaps known for receiving a Twitter message every second day. "

It has been used not only as a service news but also as a means of fundraising, covering live events and campaigns.

As a news distribution system, which first time in his own in the fall of 2007 during the outbreak of fire season Carolina. Tweets sent some users and was leaked to the wider community wide network. It was a story of dozens if not hundreds of people on the ground where the action took place.

As a means of disseminating information, NASA seized the application of new media and used to distribute the latest updates on his recent Mars exploration with the Phoenix Mars Lander. Surprisingly, the world was first alerted to the presence of water on Mars, not the BBC, New Fox or CNN, but on Twitter!

With this breakthrough was only a matter of time before a press service began using Twitter to distribute articles and press free press release approached 001 the plate.

Launched on 1 January, all major categories of Media 001 now also communicates to the world via Twitter, although, of course, a condensed version of no more than 140 characters.

It is too early to tell how popular this new type of press is free, but if something as popular as other news services, then surely play a role in helping change the public relations strategy online.

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