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Press releases are useless

Did you know that 98% of journalists go online daily (Source: White Paper published by Expansion Plus Inc. Here's the breakdown of what they are doing while they are on the Web:

92% research paper
81% of the search line stories and information related to the part you are currently working on
76% to find new sources and / or experts
73% to find press releases

If you are preparing a press release by fax or email to the media – stop! This is a colossal waste of his time. Why? Because the old way of doing press releases and not working. Press releases, the old, good for nothing. And here is another gossip: through the publication of its online version can avoid: goalies, spam filters, or in its press release of disappearing in excess of emails a reporter or producer receives each day.

A recent study indicates that over 70% of Americans their news content online, so that not only journalists are online, but consumers are too. This press release has been online very attractive to media professionals and authors. A few years ago you could almost guarantee a person the media to call you if you send your communication in an online newsroom as PRWeb. It was simple and free and a general shift that took no more than five to ten minutes. It was time well spent. But as the avalanche of press releases hit these areas online, the displacement ratio compared to the attention of the media has changed and the avalanche of press only served to clutter these portals until finally a payment service offered.

Many thought that this was the salvation of the press release online publication and for a while was. Now this has changed yet again. The low cost of travel to these sites makes it quite reasonable for anyone to get a list and, consequently, the mess continues. But as the disarray of the Web sites, the solution to this is simple: the optimization of the press. What is the "optimization?" Let me explain.

When your release is in line either through a service such as PRWeb or I just put the release into the press room place you need to treat this version as well as the treatment of a website and optimize it with keywords and techniques that are "web friendly."

At AME we have developed an entire system to optimize communications with our residents SEO (search engine optimization) guru, Susan Gilbert. Susan cites example I used to get a mention in a major news source: .. "This is an example of a new website that I created the domain name was registered on 3 February and the site was completed on February 10, I created a press release (which has an official date of February 15, 2007) and submitted it to various online news agencies. My site has been indexed in Google within a week, and was considered the "authority" on the topic on Google on 15 March. On April 2 I was contacted by a journalist who found my online statement. She was researching my topic for inclusion in Home Style magazine. Home Style is published both online and on-line content works, which has licensing agreements with more than 200 newspapers in the United States and Canada. Combined, these papers reach more than 12 million households. My page web and the interview will be featured in the May issue. "

The trick here are the keywords that are often misunderstood: "The mistake larger than a novice can do, "said Gilbert," It think that the keyword is the root word of their subject. Competition for all root words (Ie romance, scrapbooking, etc) will never reach the ranking. Keyword research is an art that requires much time to learn and has tools Keyword research can be costly. In addition, changes in keyword research based on new algorithms and advances in search. "

Much like a web designer or someone who writes their press release, do not trust your keyword searches to anyone. Sure that is tuned to the network and not only offer standard or "root" keyword.

Once you have identified your keywords, you'll want use these in the headline and the first 50 words of your release. The next piece of this is the length of your statement. In general line communications should not be over 600 words in length and have at least one (preferably two) links to your website. Keywords can also be used as the anchor text of those links, too. Once again, a person good keyword should come back with a two or three relevant search your target audience is likely that the use of a search news.

By optimizing its release not only get on the radar screen of his desired means and goals of consumers, but also obtain some valuable inbound links and search engines love those! Whenever history is collected from web sites (and in particular on news sites), creating a link input that helps your site ranking.

And finally, if you're not sure this is the way you go, consider this: International Herald Tribune beats CNN and the BBC, meaning that Yahoo News has more readers than any of these two giants. So if you are planning a campaign, or even knee deep in a course, consider optimizing your press release could give you the boost you need and who knows, maybe even get noticed for those going to the media elusive.

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