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What happened to the foreign press adulation is BO?

I thought that was one of his promises. The world would love to United States and, of course, Hussein Obama Headquarters. http://cagle.com/politicalcartoons/PCcartoons/PCbest16.asp third down Paresh Nath Foreign Policy BO National Herald, New Delhi, India seventh in exchange rates BO Garabet, Syria http://cagle.com/politicalcartoons/PCcartoons/PCbest17.asp fifth one down BO Patrick Corrigan, The Toronto Star Christo first BO http://cagle.com/politicalcartoons/PCcartoons/PCbest19.asp Komarnitski, Sofia, Bulgaria http://cagle.com/politicalcartoons/PCcartoons/PCbest21.asp a BO first attempt Martyn Turner, Ireland, the Irish Times

Unbelievable. For the life of me I'm so amazed. My understanding is that once elected, the world fall at his feet. They do not suggest that is the case – yet. Maybe we have to give it more time. I am sure he will call out OK

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