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united press philippines
How I can fix this? Change country ..?

When I go to my mail and then go back to Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Answers I am in Argentina, not the U.S.. Even when my contacts by email, saying that leads to the Philippines. How I can solve this problem. Yes, I know you can press the "States Together "at the bottom of the page, but is a pain in the butt!

You can also send an email from Yahoo and let them know the problem you have and is checked for demographic and fix it, so do not flip flop on you return. Yes, it's a pain to do every time, it becomes boring and you click Plum only takes extra finger out eh, it's hard work to click this button … LOL, Now this is meant in fun, I'm not being bad, and perhaps a little, LOL, not just word games with now. This is a real pain in the finger, LOL, I'm on a roll today, can not help it, I feel good … Have a great one

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