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united press photo
Can anyone help Obama turn this photo in a positive way? Please.?

http://wizbangblog.com/content/2009/07/31/a-picture-says-a-thousand-words.php clunkers Obama has been "acting stupid" again and need all our help to write a good title for this photo. Help! We had these and suggestions, so please do not duplicate. 1 – "racist police try to launch Crowley popularity with disabilities, racial expert college professor in soil Gates while caring, thoughtful President Obama is quick to help. "2 -" Never at rest, President Obama is quick to solve more problems in the world after Having established peace and racial unity in America. "3 -" President Obama is quick to tell the world that racist police apologized Crowley over and over again for being a "stupid" racist cop, while the racial authority Professor Gates goes on to explain the racist police contrite Crowley on all racial profiling ".. 4_" Thinking the camera and press have left drooling worship, clunkers Obama turns his back on one more gaffe

I'm thinking of kool aid drinkers pick # 1. I'm going for # 4.

Canon CPN – Tim Hetherington – World Press Photo Winner 2007

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