United Press Poetry Anthology

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united press poetry anthology
Is the United Press, a publishing scam anything?!?

Three poems I entered two contests of poetry and got three notes in the course about 4 months I said every one of them published in one of his anthologies .. What the hell? Did they just publish all the poems I receive? Does anyone else had a similar experience?

This is what is called "gossip." And yes, run almost anything. They make their money then the sale of these "anthologies" people whose poems were found on them, they want to see your stuff in print. The poems they publish, shoots more can you ask to buy the book over time. Look for legitimate outlets for their work. Try sending your poetry to a literary magazine. Here there are a couple that are currently accepting submissions: http://review.antioch.edu/guidelines http://www.gristjournal.com/submissions.php http://versemag.blogspot.com/

The Poets and Editors of the Anthology, Indivisible: Contemporary South Asian American Poetry (2010)

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