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united press printing
history is not what my somaybe subject you can help?

1: Why the Grand Canal, so important to China? It was named after the Because Great Emperor united the northern and southern China Fishing is a huge industry in China China People loved to swim 2: Why is the Tang period considered as such by a great period in Chinese history. Trade brought new ideas and products to China emperor encouraged the education literature was written Grande All of the above 3: Why was the Sung period of China Golden Age? They worshiped a golden calf "Sung" means "The success of a" China was largely as debt because the people were prosperous 4: China invented what method of printing more than four hundred years before it was used in Europe? Print Permanent display Losa Movable Type Press Type 5: Who conquered China and ending the golden age in 1260? Genghis Khan Kublai Khan, the Mongol emperor of Ming

1. For united the north and south of China 2. All of the above 3. Because prosperous people 4. Movable Type 5. Kublai Khan

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