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Oxford University Press Selects iFactory of PubFactory Platform for Development of Oxford Dictionaries Online

BOSTON, MA – (Marketwire – January 14, 2010) – IFactory, an award winning web design and development company, today announced that Oxford University Press (OUP) has chosen iFactory the new development platform online publishing PubFactory, the development of Oxford Dictionaries Online, a new global modern English dictionary and a language reference service. Oxford University Press, a leading provider online reference and academic content to libraries, turned to iFactory for this project because of its exclusive focus on the design and development capabilities custom.

"We are delighted to be working with iFactory again, this time for our range of Oxford Dictionaries Online" says Casper Grathwohl, VP / Editorial Reference, Oxford University Press. "We had very specific needs for this project which includes an extensive custom development and the desire to offer a simple and intuitive user experience. I really believe that the platform was the only solution PubFactory technology in the market that could achieve our objectives in a aggressive deadline, and we are satisfied with the results so far. "

Scheduled for launch in spring 2010, Oxford Dictionaries Online will give users latest Oxford English dictionaries, thesauri, and user guides at your fingertips. It is positioned to be the go to resource for the definition of asylum, professionals businessmen, writers, editors, linguists, scholars, teachers, students, non-native speakers puzzle enthusiasts, and "Wordie. Key features and benefits include a quick search service, an innovative WordWheel AZ, and audio pronunciations. Users will be able to select U.S. or Global English, giving users the context they need in a single click.

The selection of Oxford Dictionaries Online PubFactory continues a long relationship between iFactory and Oxford University Press. Among some of the web design and development projects OUP has partnered with Oxford iFactory is online Bible Study, Oxford Language Dictionaries Online, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, which received an Award of the International Information Industry "better user experience."

"We are proud of the line several solutions we have created for Oxford University Press, and our choice to develop your product Oxford Dictionaries Online is a testament to the exceptional service we offer, "said Joseph Fossi, iFactory CEO." We are delighted to be entering a new decade of our relationship with this prestigious organization and honored and excited to continue to be associated with sophisticated and renowned editorial work. "

Oxford Presentations Online dictionaries will be in booth # 2218 of OUP in the American Library Association Midwinter meeting in Boston, in 15 to 17, 2010, and be presented at the launch party PubFactory on Saturday, January 16 at 5:00 pm in the Hotel Port, the flagship of a room, 2nd floor.

For additional information and to view an online demo PubFactory, the online publishing platform that offers superior design, special publications, and flexible revenue models to engaging online experience, please visit http://www.pubfactory.net.

About iFactory

Since 1992 it has provided iFactory web design and web application development for more than 150 organizations in a variety of industries including publishing, higher education, health, and nonprofit. The company brings together the design view, knowledge engineering, and project management resulting in the highest quality of solutions growing digital media in time. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, iFactory is a division of RDW Group, a leading integrated communications firm. For more information, www.ifactory.com visit.

About Oxford University Press, Inc.

Oxford University Press, Inc. (OUP-US) is affiliated with Oxford University Press UK (Oxford University Press, UK), a department of the University of Oxford. Oxford University Press, Inc. is a nonprofit publisher and the university press largest in the U.S. OUP, Inc. publishes works that further objective of the University of Oxford for excellence in research, scholarship and education. Oxford University Press, Inc. has become familiar to millions through a diverse publishing program that includes scholarly works in all academic disciplines, Bibles, music, school textbooks and university, business and economic books, online sites of academic resources, dictionaries and reference books and magazines academic.

Oxford University Press, Inc. produces about 500 new titles annually, of which about half are academic monographs research, and imports about 800 titles from OUP-UK and worldwide branches. Oxford University Press, Inc. has ~ 5,000 scholarly books in print and 8700 the populations of other import titles. All publications are vetted by OUP's Delegates, who are leading academics from Oxford University and other top institutions U.S..

From its offices in New York and the Research Triangle of North Carolina, Oxford University Press, Inc. employs approximately 700 people in the U.S. U.S. Books gather numerous awards each year from academic and professional societies.

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