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united press record
Register with disabilities-The owner of this content does not allow the recording?

In some of the websites that you can play music in RealPlayer, during the game, pressing the red button to record / download the file. But some files on the red button disappears and does not record / download. If you take the cursor mouse on this button turns on a popup that says: Registration disabled owner of this content does not allow recording. I wonder if there is any addon, Plugin or any other way to avoid this action and can record or download the file. I will be grateful to anyone who can help address this problem. Javed Aslam M, London, United Kingdom

Why not save it as thro play the sound card. Here is a good free recorder. Download http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/index.html WavePad Just change the recording input on your sound card control panel (sound devices and Adio) from the microphone to sterio MIX, start the recorder, play the melody on the website, and Bingo!

644 lb IPF Bench Press World Record – Tim Anderson

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