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How much money is to call abroad without using a phone card and using a home phone?

so PeurtoRico called and thought it was a U.S. number and I called and could not reach the person, so said the press 0 in case of an emergency so I did and no one rose and a machine, he said, "the caller could not be reached, please call your service provider for more problems." and then I called again and said the same. So how much money is to call abroad using your home without a phone card? and how much I pay?

Depends on where you call and your current service plan. In the front of local phone should be a list of current values call. Usually, a call to the ranks of public relations of $ 0.01 to $ 0.05 per minute. In addition, because they could not reach anyone and do not leave a message it is possible not charge you anything.

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