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If countries like Canada, Switzerland, Australia and the social evil because they have universal HealthCo?

Although higher scores to financial freedom the U.S. rate, according to the Heritage Foundation? Most http://www.heritage.org/Press/NewsReleases/nr012010h.cfm The Free Hong Kong (1) Singapore (2) Australia (3 º) New Zealand (4) Ireland (5) Switzerland (6 º) Canada (7 º) United States (8 º) Denmark (9 th), Chile (10 th)

Well, I'm from Australia. We have a free press, individual wealth, a strong democracy, pluralism, the right to protest … so I do not see how we are a socialist, regardless of health care. They also have public health systems and private, which, though imperfect, we were not paralyzed. In fact, we the first out of recession. So … I'm waiting for a crackpot to explain to me as an option publc is a slippery slope toward socialism. To Sofia paragon of intelligence and cowardice: Your country also caused a global recession. His country is one of the few that remain mired in it.

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