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7 Books of Blood Diamonds

In 2006, Leonardo DiCaprio film beaten screens with blood diamonds detailing the history of a diamond smuggler cum mercenary and a man who had lost his family to the rebels who abducted his son to work in a mine in conflict diamonds. Blood diamonds are not called and by its color, but rather the very real blood is shed in order to extract and more sinister, the weapons of civil war which are used to pay. If you uses a conflict or blood diamonds in his hand, then you really have blood on their hands!

DiCaprio's film was not based on a particular book, but This topic has attracted interest from a number of writers and here is our selection of seven years.

Rise and Fall of Diamonds: Breaking illusion
Edward Epstein (ed. Simon & Schuster, 1982)

Published at a time when most people were almost everyone interested in making money in the booming early years of the 1980s, the popularity or newsworthiness of many conflicts around the world are diminished as people enjoyed the good life. Epstein's book opened the door to the world of conflict diamonds in a revealing look than to outsiders, it seemed an industry of opulence, style and wealth, in fact, based on the untold misery of entire countries and an incredible scale of death and destruction.

An easy read with a critical Store sharp closed diamond industry that cares more about the benefits of human life.

Diamonds and Conflict: Problems and Solutions
Ed Arthur Levy (ed. Nova Biomedical)

A more academic treatment of the matter but, however, written in a style and tone that allows the reader to assimilate the problems and help them get to form their own opinions on the subject. Levy has assembled an excellent set of arguments that his team has identified key issues and put them in context. Africa has historically been separated and disputed by the vast wealth of natural resources and conflict diamonds are one facet of this bloody saga.

We I recommend this book not least by the lavish illustrations and applied objective reasoning that is difficult to refute.

Glitter and greed, the secret world diamond cartel
Janine Roberts (ed. Disinformation Company 2003)

"Conflict diamonds" as a phrase that conjures up visions Africa, civil war and immense profits, but in fact, conflict diamonds can be found throughout the world apart from Africa. Roberts is an Australian journalist who became interested in the topic when covered with a dispute between a diamond mine and the native aborigines in his homeland of Australia. In subsequent years, which obstinately followed the trail of conflict diamonds around the world including India and Africa. Ultimately, any fan or writer is any diamonds will find that De Beers mines about 45% of world production.

Diamonds can not be the best friend a girl after reading this conviction and meticulously researched expose.

Diamonds in Peace and War: Severing the Conflict diamonds connection

Ingrid Tamm J (pub.WPF Report No. 30 of 2002)

Tamm is a program manager at the Carr Center for Human Rights at the University of Harvard so expect a very dry treated the problem of conflict diamonds. In fact, what you get is something that is as rare as a diamond – Practical recommendations for the resolution of the use of conflict diamonds to purchase weapons that in turn fuel the wars and atrocities in countries where the stones are original.

To take full on this work, arm yourself with some knowledge of the diamond industry and international politics between the sources of conflict diamonds, especially United States, where most of the stones end up.

The Heartless Stone: A Journey into the world of diamonds, deceit and desire
Tom Zoellner (Ed. St. Martins Press 2007)

Zoellner was abandoned by her boyfriend who is quite hard, especially if you are contributing to the editor of a magazine for men (Men's Health). For cathartic release, Zoellner around the world and traced the history of the diamond represents the pain and misery to him and in doing so discovered itself the broader picture of child labor, genocide, civil war and seedy side to fireworks used in the finger.

Written in a style easy to read, this is a personal account and yet very relevant conflicts
diamonds and the negative impact they have on people around the world.

Blood Diamonds: tracing the deadly path of the world's most precious stones
Greg Campbell (Westview Press ed. 2002)

Campbell clearly links the story of how conflict diamonds complete with ring fingers Western brides, while their use has funded a war that has torn apart Sierra Leone for decades. Follow the path, and that are smuggled from West Africa to New York, London and Antwerp, often with the cooperation of the legitimate industry Diamond and general use.

Campbell shows how the operations work and the impact on people who play and the history of the practice was institutionalized by De Beers in 1880. For those who remember Princess Diana in Angola and mine victims he met in a blaze of publicity for the cameras TV in the world, just remember that she was meeting with blood diamonds victims.

Revenge of Africa: Diamonds are always
Alex Vann (ed. Cambridge University Press, 2007)

With the growing awareness of the existence of diamonds in conflicts that impact on public awareness, players in the diamond industry and governments around the world signed the Kimberley Process for the control and try to eradicate the use of conflict diamonds.

Explores Vann interconnection between conflict diamonds and most of the war in the host countries, but the blow waves of crime and the suffering that takes place here in the west. In particular, it focuses on the relationships between the source and use of conflict diamonds and drugs smuggling operations as he outlined a criminal economic blockade plays the slave trade triangle between Africa, the New World and the United Kingdom, except that now the diamonds, guns and drugs instead of slaves, the snuff and molasses.

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