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How to generate leads-21 Lead Generation Ideas can run Today

There are a lot of error and the controversy over building the list and lead generation. If you are not a guru and have no access to one, then you can easily get confused about what works and what does not when trying to generate leads online.

I would like to clarify all the fallacy and give you a list of ideas that can be run to generate traffic run (free and paid) as soon as possible.

What we share in this post is not a concrete and absolute truth. I can only speak from my own experience as a marketer Internet. If I say something does not work, you do not work for me.

On the other hand, if I say that something works, does not mean it will work for 100%. This post is only to get your head moving in the direction of truth list building. You must prove that it works before doing anything else.

1. Streaming Video Syndication

Anyone who has connected to an Internet connection, even if you live in Zambia and Uganda, knows what YouTube is. sharing networks Videos are a great place to generate leads.

The videos can be easily incorporated into your website, to share on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks and have a much higher perceived value then the written text.

Many Internet marketing experts say the video streaming is the future and I say that their hunch is right. Video allows you to connect with their customers even before I met you, email or talk with you by phone.

After seeing more than one clip with you, feel instant empathy to what you multiply your chances of closing the deal in the backend.

2. Article Marketing

Contrary to a huge misconception of Article marketing is not dead.

Total sales leads to generate the basis of article marketing depends on:

  • How good his title Is
  • The products quality
  • Author Bio Box Prices Click Through
  • Keyword Research

Article Marketing remains one of the most popular online lead generation. The reason remains one of the most notorious generation opportunities approaches is that it's free and it works. It works for me, works for many of my colleagues and it should work for you too (if not screw it up).

3. Blogging

Blogging is my personal favorite strategy of creating opportunities for all time. I think blog fun, rewarding and profitable but it is much harder than it looks.

Behind every great blog is a great seller. Blogging is much more difficult than any other generation method others, because it takes much more to write quality articles twice a week.

Fear not, however, because with hard work comes a great pleasure and success!

Blogging may well be the only lead generation strategy you'll ever need (For example: John Chow, ProBlogger, CopyBlogger). Blogs can be much more than a lead generation strategy that can and should become a separate revenue stream for you and your business.

powerful and influential blog, not a task, which is an asset. The difference between a blog and a landing page is a squeeze page itself is worthless blog while you do.

Through a blog you can set up many sources of lead generation and use all at once, without spending a fortune paid traffic.

Also, blogs are so popular that every big company now began a. Is not it time to catch up?

4. Joint Ventures

Joint Venture is a mutually beneficial agreement that takes place between two parties.

For example, if you have a product but have no great list, you can approach a person with a list and a joint venture to offer a way of giving away 50% commission on every sale made.

Companies ventures are actually the number one gurus of strategy use to make great pitches. They approach their friends and colleagues 2-3 weeks before launch and personally invite you to do a promotion.

Next thing you know, every vendor in the world talks about the launch and success.

If you're starting, you may not have a big list or a product (or both) so you would think that joint ventures are not for you. This is another error.

Common Business is not only based on the product-list-committee. JV can take many forms: instead of offering a commission that can provide a service or something value to that particular part.

5. Ad Swaps

An exchange of advertising or ad exchange is simply an agreement that commits someone put ads on your site or email newsletter in exchange for them doing the same.

This is a perfect strategy for startupreneurs with small lists, because it is all about equality. You can find the list owners and list sizes similar promotions change.

Requirements for an Exchange listing success:

  • High-converting ad copy. Test your ad copy with your own list or traffic of attention to developing the highest conversion template email that you can use to maximize results of each ad exchange.
  • Equal traffic and exposure. It is important to list the sizes of both parties are the same or similar size as otherwise the change can not be fair.
  • Highly relevant. Ad Swaps should be done with the list owners involved in similar or relevant niches.

6. Marketing Forum

The forums are another great place to generate leads potential to create the authority and generate traffic.

Forums can be used not only to build a list, but also to build profitable relationships with other business owners that may result in ad swaps, joint ventures and other lucrative activities.

Not all forums are made equal. Choose wisely, some of them are not worth your time. Use these criteria to hand-pick your favorites:

  • Size of the forum has to be big. A minimum of 2,000 active members online at any time. If you can not find a forum so great, go for the next big thing or start your own forum.
  • Activity, another important quality for a forum to serve a good lead generation tool. If the forum is not active, is the same as dead.
  • Moderation-forum should be strictly moderated by an administrator to keep it clean and spam useless entries. Thus, the content stays fresh and has a higher perceived value to the public.

Use your signature file drive traffic to your capture page, which offer some incentive to register. Providing quality content, an effective response and a link to your blog from time time with a help article that is related to the subject. No SPAM!

His profile on the forum is very important. Complete all necessary information and add both descriptive details as possible. Social links to their profiles on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc and do not forget to leave a link to your blog for the curious once.

Did I mention you should not SPAM?

7. Social Media

It is no secret that social media is increasing. Twitter is spreading faster than news about the influenza virus. Facebook has grown twice the size of MySpace and has no intention of stopping. Use them to grow your business.

8. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is definitely the best way to generate new leads. By guest blogging on other blogs that are equal or greater in size to greatly increase its marketing reach.

customer traffic is blogging likely to subscribe, because these people conditioned to trust you more than a regular visitor, which is on the defensive about their marketing.

9. Development of reciprocal links

Reciprocal link building is similar to ad swaps only instead of a newsletter e-mail to the parties exchanging links on your site.

Part One Link to Part B and Part B links to Part A. In this way both parties get a link input and the traffic can become potential customers.

This strategy is very popular among bloggers, however, is also useful for Thanks and download pages.

10. Banner Ads

In his book "Purple Cow" famous salesman and author Seth Godin says that banners are not effective. Moreover, Internet marketing guru Frank Kern believes in the contrary.

My experience shows that the banner ads are not as effective as we want, but generate leads unless otherwise never would not see so many of them … everywhere!

The banners are also effective (and cheap) as they placed outside the web site content. In general, the header, sidebar or in any way, no matter where the user agrees, you can see and is there is a possibility to click on them.

If you are using flags (most likely already is), be sure to set some kind of software monitoring that will help in identifying the banners work best, where is the highest rate of clicks and how many have done that generated from each specific unit.

11. To search for PPC

Pay Per Click is known to be the fastest way to drive traffic directed to a page if you have the money to invest.

PPC has evolved far beyond Google, Yahoo and MSN. Today you can buy PPC ads on Facebook direct traffic and attention to your YouTube videos.

I am not an expert on paid traffic, frankly, because they never paid for the traffic-I SEO to get my blog on the map. In part because he had no money and partly because I refused to believe that paying for traffic is the way forward.

My perception changed since then. I think the PPC is the way forward. We see all the big companies that have demonstrated over and over again. Even Google, which is the world's most visited site, use Chrome for PPC advertising and other related products.

Many PPC advertisers are afraid because of the famous slap from Google. I mean, do not listen to these idiots because do not know how advertising with Google.

Like any other advertising network, Google has a number of strict rules and guidelines. If you are receiving a slapped by Google, it means you are breaking the rules and Google is simply being punished for being stupid.

The fund is paid by the works traffic and does not cost as much as people come to believe.

12. PPC for Content

Basically the same as Google Adwords or Yahoo Find payment only show your ads on relevant pages publishers instead of Google SERPs.

It is difficult to say which source of paid traffic is effective, but if you are not using both, leaving you definitely been on the table.

13. -Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search Engine Optimization, the silver bullet for 99% of internet marketers are after. It used to say that if you're on a page of Google for your word key, you're bound to make tons of sales.

Sounds logical, because when you think about it: a perspective for something and find it. Its social and test authority is raised and is now a matter of time before closing the sale.

That would be true if people are stupid, but because people are creatures evolving now is not enough to dominate the SERPs, it is important to match the dominance of a compelling copy and marketing structure.

I I used to work with a client would generate 150 unique visitors per day to your website SEO travel only. I had the # 4 for a related term and thought he was king.

Its sales statistics showed that was wrong. There was none. Why?

Your website was design bright and shiny, slippery and even had a call to action. However failed to generate much-needed empathy and connection with their visitors which resulted in surprising 80% bounce rate and the visitor to lead the conversion of 0.6%.

14. Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmarks is a way for users to save their bookmarks or favorite websites online for easy reference.

You can generate a lot of potential customers using this strategy. If the content makes the front page of a social bookmaking website more important as Digg, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc get s ** t load of visitors within hours.

Social bookmarking is also used for construction of links to improve rankings SEO, but do not confuse a useless method of link submission. You can get traffic, even if you do not get on the first page. This is good which is the content and how many people can come to support him.

Social bookmarking traffic is like a huge snowball getting on top of a hill. No much jeopardized if it were motionless, but if you have two people and push over the edge, will grow in size and speed until it hits something.

If you want your snowball rolling down the hill and picks up speed, the first step is to get the snowball attractive and worth pushing down. Focus on content, and then assemble a group of supportive social markers that will help push down the hill to get traffic.

15. Rent-a-List "

His list is small, SEO do not know and are afraid to approach PPC. Why not Rent-a-list?

There are list brokers you rent a list that can commercialize a. I have never used this strategy myself, but there is a good solution within the forums, so I thought I would like to hear.

16. Webinars

Webinars are great for lead generation because they have a higher perceived value then a report in PDF file or an audio recording.

For me, seminars proven to convert up to 50% listen to the sale, which is exceptional.

I think that is because in a workshop to share a large amount of information and it in "person." It's happening live if visitors or prospects, and raises their social status, showing their potential customers are not alone no more people who think that's fine too!

17. Podcast

Podcasting is similar to online video distribution only in audio format and there are different distribution networks for them.

Podcasting is ideal for interviews with experts, get them to spill the useful information to readers in exchange for exposure opportunity.

You can also say it is similar to seminars only recorded and released more late as audible audio or a downloadable file.

18. Safe Lists

Although the name sounds strong, safe lists should be avoided because they are far from being a sure strategy for lead generation.

The idea behind a safe list is getting people to join the safe lists and reference to others so the safe list becomes a huge list of people who are interested in promoting things to each other.

Just sometimes things out of control and a lawyer gets the bid, said he did not subscribe and demand.

19. Peering

Traffic Exchange is a network of web site owners who surf every other websites to increase traffic.

They do not work … forward.

20. Software and Plugins

The development of a piece of software or a plugin that is useful also shown to generate leads (and donations) effectively.

Many designers use WordPress plugins as a way to attract visitors to their websites, making sales and getting donations.

To become a viral explosion, the software has to solve a major problem your prospects have. Otherwise it's just a useless piece of code to no one gives a cumin.

21. Press Releases

Press releases are effective to get you on the top of the search engines fast for a short period of time. They are used to advertise a new product launch or other breaking news.

I am not an expert in press releases, because I've never written in my life, but you can visit Juan Vaca, known inside and outside press release.

About the Author

What now? You should take some time to digest this information and first thing tomorrow-implement at least 3 of the strategies mentioned above!

Key is to take action. Feed your stallions, shoot the ponies! Find out what works and capitalize on it!

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