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U.S. history help ???!!!?

The site of the tragedy of 1970 in which four students were killed by National Guard troops was the University A, of Wisconsin. B Jackson State University. C, University of Illinois. D Kent State University. All things next step after the end of War soldiers, but a welcomed home with many positive signs. B, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was erected in Washington, DC C, the generation gap was wider. D of the War Powers Act was passed. The newspaper that published the Pentagon Papers was A New York Times. BWashington online. C Detroit Free Press. D New York Post. Why United States States rejected the peace plan of North Vietnam in October 1972? He called for a withdrawal of foreign troops. B Urged United States to take all the blame for the war. C does not include plans for a ceasefire. D would have meant a loss of power to the president of South Vietnam. please help!

1. D 2. A 3. A 4. D

Americans for Prosperity-WI Press Conference – Roy Innis

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