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The revival of vinyl and the Resurrection of Sound

News is all of the features of a number of newspapers (including review in The Wall Street Journal) articles, online and even the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. Is the revival of vinyl records and more importantly, resurrection of analog sound.

Yes, vinyl records, left for dead with the advent of the "digital age" is being sold again. In fact, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), sales of vinyl records jumped to 1.3 million last year, representing an increase of 36.6% from 2006, a figure that some industry experts believe that do not accurately represent the true sales figures. Experts believe it is too low, because the stores independent sales record, on vinyl the best, not included in these figures. Moreover, according to Billboard, sales of vinyl records jumped 77% in first half of 2008 (compared with the first half of 2007), selling over 803,000 units.

This is not a fad or cycle; young music lovers and age are being attracted to this historic audio format. On the other hand, seems to be a worldwide event, preorders and sales of vinyl records are increasingly in many countries around the world. In the UK, sales of seven inch singles (45's) are up 87.3% compared to the same three month period last year.

Vinyl is cool again. Teenagers, who once would have scoffed at their grandparents and their parents record collections, now wait in line to get the latest versions. More and more major artists are releasing new material via the format and Capitol Records (along with many other companies labels) are reissuing classic albums on vinyl. And now, along with the "baby boomers", a new generation is discovering the charm with vinyl records – limited editions, colored vinyl, picture discs, audiophile records (180-220 grams), the album cover art and sound – all elements of this resurgence of tail.

This resurgence is fed by many other factors. Let's explore some interesting aspects of vinyl.


Yes, the hiss, the crackle of a record are soothing music lovers worldwide. Vinyl records use analog recording methods, is a clear and well defined sound. The music is not compressed and digitized into the ones and zeros that are obtained with the CD or MP3;. "Binary sound" or what I A name like warmth, an ambience that vinyl brings to music and since the human ear hears in analog-digital records unnatural vinyl sounds better. So this is the secret that the DJ's, record collectors and audiophiles knew all along!

The availability factor and vinyl collection

Most artists are also fans of the music of other artists who have broad and eclectic record collections. Sometimes finding rare and collectible vinyl created by artists who have influenced his own music and they admire can be just as satisfying as creating and recording music. They also delight in finding vinyl Rare their own music. In fact, John Lennon was an avid record collector and amassed a large collection of Beatles bootlegs.

Buying and selling records is big business. In addition to garage sales, flea markets and garage sales, auction sites online like eBay sell millions of records. It is reported that users eBay to buy and sell six vinyl records every minute (or an average of one every ten seconds) for a total of over three million records each year. Some records are maintained their value decades after its initial release and has sold thousands of dollars. We have been informed that the album that is bought and sold more in the vinyl format The Beatles "White Album." Other acts such as Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Madonna, Led Zeppelin, among many others, are sought after and yet command top dollar for specific releases. Soul and jazz music along with classic rock, they are always in demand. Additionally, online giant Amazon is committed to expanding its range of 'section of vinyl "to include thousands of music artists.

There are also plenty of support vinyl in these genres like hip-hop, punk and heavy metal. "Indie" Music is being pressed on colored vinyl, limited edition notes picture disc. These are future collectibles and sometimes sell for higher prices than average. The online community has responded to thousands of websites dedicated vinyl format. Many music artists are sure that they give their fans a variety of music formats, with vinyl appears to be at the helm.

Experience Vinyl

In our age of iPods and MP3 disc playback is almost a ritual experience. There is physical interaction between the person playing the album, music itself and the machine. Playing a record can be a collective event where music is shared with friends and family. But it's not just music that intrigues the masses. Add album cover unique and compelling and luxury packaging, and a whole new generation of vinyl lovers can share this phenomenon.

Goes hand in hand with increased sales of vinyl records is increasing and the availability of food. Nationally, sales murdered over plate than 500,000 last year compared to 275,000 in 2006. Food manufacturers have given consumers a lot of options to choose from, affordable unit to some that cost thousands of dollars. Students from universities around the U.S. and worldwide, are beginning to consider a plate in his bedroom of their needs.


Many artists not only to launch his new material through the vinyl, but in digital format for those who opt for this medium. Many records are with a certificate for a free Internet download, which can sometimes be a bonus cut that can not be included in the record. It also allows music to be portable, and consumers can choose between formats. As the demand for vinyl continues its rise, so to will the affordability of the records. Many of the mainstream press through the vinyl format are competitively priced, allowing more units for sale. Add to this the already flourishing used vinyl record market, where a music lover can pick up an LP for under five dollars, and we have a new vinyl model that will flourish in the coming decades.

records Vinyl regain its dominant position in the music industry he once had? One can only imagine, but with CD sales continuing to plummet and more and more music lovers discovering the value of vinyl, this historic audio media will not fade soon.

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