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united pressure cooker prices

Simple analysis of the situation of the electricity market in the pressure cooker and Prospects

Preface: Set rice cooker, pressure cooker meat to the pan and cook stew of functions in one of three electric pressure cooker, since entering the Chinese market

Selling Has been in a warm state. July 2005, the United States in a high profile group of electric pressure cooker market, quiet electric pressure cooker market for many years whether the use of known

Promotion brand asset, how firms respond to the industry, this paper attempts a simple analysis of this issue, discuss with your colleagues.

First, the advent of electric pressure cooker at home

market-based rice cookers increased competition from new point of search revenue growth in 1998, Yung-Sheng introduced the new generation of domestic product? Electric pressure cooker. The product is the flexible pressure control, dynamic seals, outside grading, the displacement can control the power switch and other new technologies, new structures, the kitchen closed, continuously adjustable pressure, solve the pressure cooker safety, lifting the pressure cooker normal year consumers with problems of security risks, the thermal efficiency of more 80% energy savings (regular rice cooker

Over 30% savings). Because this product has a retail outlet relatively unique, "many stars" and many other companies quickly followed, after a few years the melee training of the current situation.

Second, the current strategy of several major manufacturers

1, to "create Di" as the original sent on behalf of technology:

Sound in the content, the emergence of several companies focused on the production of pressure cookers, the highest Di is one of those dumplings cunning. Because of its strength to open his own situation, so you have to take Quxianjiuguo strategy with most excellent technical ability and capacity of large-scale production for the domestic production of several OEM companies, while companies using its service the forces of the sea by boat, launched his own label, a busy part of the market.

2, with "double happiness" as the representative of civil idol:

Since 1964, produced from the oral pressure cooker First, double happiness in the cookware industry China will establish its position, the aspect of China for decades. With the saturation pressure kitchen market, a sharp decline in profits, companies need to find new profit growth point. Therefore, the double happiness will focus on a pot pressure related electrical products, industrial pressure cooker with its great popularity, and the use of OEM production of low-risk way to a fast start, product positioning in medium and low, to use its existing sales network to quickly obtain a certain market share, enterprises get the benefits.

3, the "boss" as the representative of the aristocracy to send:

Antigua chapel, Zhejiang enterprises "head" pressure cooker of the early electrical industry, market operations to maintain their usual practices, the product positioning in the high end, with its relatively strong financial strength and design of differentiated products, small-scale

air television ads and other media pull, engaged in high-end market.

Third, the market Status: 1, the products in the growing season of the market;

Since 1964 in Shenyang, the first since the arrival of the pressure cooker population, with its section of quick and easy, delicious and quickly occupied the Chinese market. In the eighties, along with the factors of lack of energy and security, the rapid increase in rice cookers to become a new option for most Chinese families. Today, most families also have a pressure cooker and rice products.

Electric cooker pressure since its launch, the market has not been actually able to start, even in the growing season of the market.

As a new phenomenon, people, has received approval consumers must invest a lot of resources related to the spread of education to enlighten consumers. Unfortunately, most manufacturers currently involved do not have this capability, which can only add it as a marketable product to sell. Several Internet search on "electric pressure kitchen, "some media and television only" boss "and some other brand by making a small amount of advertising. As the scale does not increase, production costs remain high, leading to the final price and the current major Chinese consumers still have some distance, therefore, electric pressure cooker, it is not surprising since the marginal product.

2, the market in Period Spring and Autumn, Qin and Han dynasties, without a rudder.

current rice cookers and other small devices increasingly competitive profit tumbled, in this context, many manufacturers are looking for new growth point of profit. Because pressure cookers are new, relatively important benefits and low entry barriers, so that a large number of SMEs and on property. The manufacturers are the main products such as increased pressure kitchens arms-for-profit, not for the market, but for efficiency, mainly reflect the small investment for the company, required return, everyone keep their own one-third of an acre of land, the market as a haven. This is the internal current

Sound very similar to the market!

Fourth, the United States for the participation of other major brands

World affairs long period of division.

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